Friday November 11, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona USA

Don’t expect to find any tirades here about Donald Trump’s election as president of the USA. I think he will make a poor president, but he was elected in conformity with our antiquated electoral college system, and I respect that. The man deserves a chance to show that he can be the president of everyone in the United States and not just of the rich. I think we should all give him that chance.

I am spending my time preparing for my trip to Portugal and Southern Spain. I leave in two days, on Sunday, and arrive in Lisbon Monday morning. It will be my visit to Portugal. I will only visit two Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Faro. The latter is on the southern coast. I will visit each of those cities twice.

The rest of the trip will be spent in Southern Spain including a day trip to Gibraltar. Of the cities I will visit in Spain, the only one that I have previously visited is Seville.

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