Faro, Portugal November 21, 2016

Yesterday was my only full day in Faro on this trip, although I do plan to stop here again in a few weeks on my way back from Spain. It wasn’t the best day to see Faro. It rained in the morning and again in the afternoon, and the sky was gloomy all day. However, I did manage to go out and see a bit of the town between rain showers. Because I am from dry Phoenix, Arizona, I don’t deal well with rain.

It’s still raining this morning, so it looks as if I will have a wet walk to the bus station.

The streets were very deserted. I don’t know if the rain kept people off the streets or if the good people of Faro just don’t go out walking on Sundays. The weather, although damp and gloomy, was not cold as evidenced by the sign in front of a pharmacy. For those of you who don’t do Celsius, 20 degrees C is the equivalent of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Almost all of the businesses were closed including the small grocery shops and fast-food restaurants. There were some pastry shops open doing a good business in selling pastries and coffee. There were so few of them open that the ones that were open were full of customers.

Below is a typical street scene. You’ll notice there is only one car and only two pedestrians in the picture. If this were Paris, the streets would be swarming with people no matter how cold the Sunday weather was.


One place that was open was McDonald’s. As you can see in the picture, it doesn’t have a large parking lot and depends entirely on pedestrians for its business. I stopped in for a McChicken sandwich and a “large” cup of coffee just before noon. I usually only drink coffee at McD’s, because I don’t like the food, but yesterday it was one of the few places open. The large coffee was a bit smaller than the small coffees I buy in the USA McDonald’s. The coffee was also weak. I’m beginning to believe that Portugal is not the best country for coffee drinkers. I have not yet had a good cup of coffee here.


Below is a view of the port for private boats. It appears that not many people were out on the water, perhaps because it was not only rainy but also very windy. The siren guarding the port seemed strange to me. I am used to fish-women being mermaids with a woman’s head and torso and a fish’s tail. The babe has a woman’s body except for the head, which is a fish. I imagine there is some meaning to the statue that I am unaware of.


There are few people here in the hostel, and there do not seem to be many tourists in the city. There were few people walking the streets who were not speaking Portuguese.