Rain! Rain! Go Away! Lisbon, Sunday December 4, 2016

Yesterday it rained all day, very heavily at times. Not only I but almost everyone is getting sick of the constant rain. I decided to travel by subway yesterday, so I made a dry run (pun intended) to the airport by subway to make sure I can do it early Tuesday morning and arrive in time to check in for my flight without getting lost.

The only photograph I took yesterday was the following one of the people waiting in line to buy a subway ticket. When the get to the front of the line, they will find only two ticket machines working — the others are out of order — and that the ticket machines don’t really sell tickets. If you already have a rechargeable ticket, you can recharge it at the machines, but of course, people flying in from abroad don’t have one.

If you fly into Lisbon and decide to take the subway into town, probably the cheapest way to go, walk around the line to the right where it says “with ticket” and then walk to the left, and you’ll find a ticket window with a real attendant and a very short line.


When I got back from the airport and arrived at the Santa Apolónia train station, there was a torrential rain pouring down outside. I sat down and waited about half an hour until the rain lessened to a heavy shower and then walked the two blocks back to the hostel.

Sleep was difficult last night, because some new people arrived to stay at the hostel. One of them, a Peruvian, was put in our room, and he snored very loudly last night. He is a very nice person, and I wish him no ill will, but I hope he gets moved to another room.

He is one of the people who came to Spain to study and remained after graduation. He works in Madrid. Allowing students who have graduated from a university and have useful skills to stay and work is something the United States should consider doing. Sending people home whom we have trained seems a waste of resources.

I started working on a new novel last winter, but I began putting it off when a leg tendon strain healed and I was able to spend my time out training on the bicycle. Because the rain has made it so undesirable to go out, I started working on the book again yesterday.

Today looks like another day to spend inside. Tomorrow, the last day of my vacation, the rain is supposed to stop, so I should get one more day to sight see in Lisbon.