What is Vladamir Putin’s Hold Over Donald Trump?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Vladamir Putin is able to exercise undue influence over Donald Trump, but so far no one has been able to convincingly demonstrate what that hold is. The investigative report compiled by former British agent Christopher Steele claims that Vladamir Putin possesses video tapes of Donald Trump engaging in bizarre sexual activities with prostitutes. Even though Mr. Steele’s former colleagues call him a trustworthy investigator, no one has publicly claimed to be able to verify his Russian sources. Mr. Steele’s report may be partially or even entirely false. Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin has some sort of control of Donald Trump.

Mr. Steele passed his reports to both British and American intelligence agencies, but he reportedly became disheartened when the FBI’s highly partisan Republican director, James Comey, ignored Donald Trump’s alleged links to the Kremlin in favor of pursuing and publicly discussing his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Donald Trump claimed that U.S. intelligence agencies leaked Mr. Steele’s reports to the press, but it was Mr. Steele himself who contacted members of the press out of frustration with the FBI’s inaction.

(By the way, if you want to read Mr. Steele’s dossier of intelligence reports, you can download it in PDF format by clicking here. I warn you beforehand that it is 35 pages long, and once you get past the first two pages, most of it is boring reading, and it may not be true. I have not yet had the patience to read through it.)

If we dismiss Mr. Steele’s series of intelligence reports, we are still at a loss to explain president-elect Donald Trump’s overtly pro-Putin behavior. If Donald Trump is not being run by former KGB agent Vladimir Putin, why does he put so much effort into defending Mr. Putin’s reputation against American intelligence agencies? Why did Donald Trump defend Russia’s annexation of Crimea by military force and the Russian interference in United States elections? Why does Donald Trump place more faith in the word of accused rapist Julian Assange than he does in 14 United States intelligence agencies who claim that it was Russia who hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computers?

Traditionally, the Republican party is seen as the party that stands up for American security. Suddenly, the Republican president-elect seems to be undermining it. He has about as much interest in American security and American values as I have in becoming an opera star.

I hope I am wrong about Donald Trump and he turns out to be a supporter of the United States instead of encouraging the authoritarian regime in Russia. So far that does not look very likely.

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