Is Donald Trump a Russian Mole

It seems bizarre to ask if the president-elect of the United States might be a Russian agent under the control of the old spymaster Vladimir Putin, but evidence is mounting that suggests that this may well be the case. Doubts about Donald Trump’s loyalty to the United States and Western democracy have been raised not only by Christopher Steele’s “Golden Shower” dossier but by information being collected by Western Intelligence agencies of many countries including Israel.

The steps that Donald Trump has taken to undermine Western democracy are undeniable. He has called into question the loyalty and professionalism of the United States Intelligence agencies. He has done his best to undermine the credibility of the press and of the United States election process.

According to Israeli sources, they have been warned by US spies not to share intelligence information with the Trump administration out of fear that the information will make its way to Vladimir Putin’s cronies and from there to the Iranian government. Other western governments will undoubtedly also be wary of sharing information with the US government under Donald Trump. This mistrust among western governments is exactly what Vladimir Putin wants as he seeks, apparently with quite a bit of success, to use Donald Trump to weaken the western alliance.

Donald Trump maintains that the mounting circumstantial evidence of his ties to the Putin government are all fake. On what grounds does he dismiss them? “Russia says nothing exists,” according to a Trump tweet. Donald Trump tries to convince us that the Russian government of Vladimir Putin is more credible than American and other western intelligence agencies. Donald Trump also claims to take Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, at his word when Assange claims that the hacked emails he published from the Democratic National Committee, did not come from Russia. Donald Trump would have us believe that accused rapist Julian Assange is more believable than United States intelligence agencies.

Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier alleging Russian ties to Donald Trump, has gone into hiding and is in fear for his life. People who expose Vladimir Putin’s dirty secrets tend to be assassinated, even if they live in a western country. If Donald Trump ever turns his back on his apparent handler, Vladimir Putin, his life will also be in danger.

I have no conclusive evidence that Donald Trump is one of Vladimir Putin’s moles. I can only state that he gives every appearance of being one. Donald Trump’s nomination for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has exchanged text messages with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. They spoke several times on December 29, the day that Barack Obama announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats in retaliation for Russian interference in the United States presidential election. Of course, the communications could be innocent. It would not be unusual for an incoming administration to meet and communicate with a representative of a foreign government. However, the unusual amount of activity between Russia and the Trump staff does raise questions.

The Untied States is not the only country whose democratic system the Russian government seeks to undermine. It is, however, the only western country so far in which Russia seems to control the incoming administration. In the United Kingdom, Labour Member of Parliament Chris Bryant claims that he is “absolutely certain” that Russian spies are compiling dossiers on leaders including Boris Johnston, the British Trump look-alike, and Liam Fox. Western experts expect that Russia will also attempt to interfere in elections to be held in France and Germany this year.