Does it Matter How Many People Saw Trump’s Inauguration?

Yesterday, President Donald Trump used part of his meeting with employees of the CIA criticizing the press for allegedly under-reporting the number of people who viewed his inauguration on Friday. Photos published by many news sources showed many fewer people attending Donald Trump’s inauguration than had attended Barack Obama’s. Donald Trump also claimed that the media had inaccurately reported that he had criticized the United States intelligence agencies stating, “There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump,” referring to himself in the third person.

For those of us who saw the inauguration on television, it seemed that the crowd viewing the event was much smaller than the crowd for some past presidents. We also saw live Donald Trump’s criticism of American intelligence agencies including the CIA, accusing the agencies of being behind a Nazi-like campaign against him.

Then, Donald Trump sent his new press secretary before the press yesterday to rail against what he called inaccurate reporting of the number of people attending Donald Trump’s inauguration. Don’t the president and his press secretary have more important work to do?

Why is this topic so important to Donald Trump? Why did he spend so much time and mental energy on the first full day of his presidency attempting to jawbone up the number of people who viewed his inauguration? Is it that important to him to believe that more people attended his inauguration than were actually there? Doesn’t a new president of the United States have more important matters to spend his time on? In Donald Trump’s case, apparently not. For him, his responsibility to do the work of the American people is less important than messaging his own ego.

I hope that Donald Trump will learn to stifle his infantile tendency to pile on criticism of anyone he views as having even unintentionally slighted him. This country has pressing problems such as the growing income gap and the increasing number of American citizens including veterans forced to sleep in the streets. I hope President Trump will stop spending so much time and energy responding to perceived slights against his person and get down to the important work of solving the country’s problems.