Barcelona, Spain Monday May 15, 2015

This will be a short blog post with no photos However, if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, you may want to scroll down. It’s loaded with photos.

Tomorrow I head for a two-night stay in Zaragoza. Next comes Logroño, a city that I walked through twice while doing the Camino de Saantiago but never had time to stop and see. After that I make my way back to Paris in stages but stopping in different cities than I did on the way south.

I rode the subway into town this morning only to learn that there was a partial strike in progress and only a fraction of the normal number of trains were running. That meant that those that were running were crowded. On one of the four subway trains I rode, a scantily-clad young woman started to jump up to offer me her seat, but I declined with a smile and a “gracias.” I suppose I should be happy to have reached the age where people offer me their seats, but I would rather be the one offering my seat to other, more decrepit persons.

I should also be grateful that young people still have manners. In fact, I am grateful for that.

Another observation is that I have seen fewer people smoking in Spain and France than I used to. I think the dangers of smoking are finally hitting home even in Southern Europe. Among people who appear to be in their teens, I have seen far more girls than boys smoking.

Until tomorrow. Now I am going to put down a few more words in the book that I am pretending to write but have made little progress on. On of my excuses for this vacation is to get a few chapters written, and I haven’t done that.