Trump Digs Himself into a Hole

it is commonly believed that when a person discovers that he is digging himself into a hole, that person should stop digging. Despite the attempts of Trump advisers to take the president’s shovel away, he continues to dig.

A few weeks ago, former FBI director James Comey confirmed that President Trump was not under investigation. Now he is. Who triggered the investigation? A man named Donald Trump did. By firing director Comey, he raised suspicion that he was obstructing justice by trying to stop the investigation into ties between the Russian government and members of Donald Trump’s campaign team.

President Trump increased that suspicion by admitting that he fired Comey to impede the Russia investigation. The results? A special counsel has been appointed, and Donald Trump is now under criminal investigation. Donald Trump drew attention to himself by making it look as if he had something to hide. Donald Trump himself triggered the investigation into his possible criminal activity.

Now, the Trump legal team is floating the trial balloon that Donald Trump wants to fire special Counsel Robert Mueller. So far, that trial balloon has failed to gain altitude despite support for the idea by Fox News. By launching the trial balloon, Donald Trump and his team increase the suspicion that Donald Trump is trying to hide some criminal act.

The latest argument for dumping Mueller is that that Robert Mueller is unqualified to conduct the investigation, because he a friend and former colleague of fired FBI director James Comey. It is true that the two have a history of working together. However, even senior Republicans such has Senate Majority Leader McConnell have expressed confidence in Mueller’s ability to conduct an impartial investigation. I do not think that most influential Republicans would take kindly to further Trumpian attempts to interfere with a criminal investigation.

It does no good to remind President Trump that he is his own worst enemy. His staff has repeatedly tried to convince him to stop sending out bizarre tweets, but to no avail. Donald Trump continues to shower the world with tweets that damage no one but Donald Trump himself.

Will Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller as well as Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? That would be an incredibly stupid thing to do, which makes me believe that Trump will indeed fire them. Donald Trump is infamous for his inability to act logically. If he does fire them, it could  be the step that finally convinces Republican members of Congress that Donald Trump is a liability for the Republican Party and cause them to move toward impeachment..

Do you want to better understand the Trumpian mentality? I wrote a novel about a Trump-like character who ran for president and got elected. At the time I wrote the book, I firmly believed I was writing fiction and that Donald Trump would not succeed in his campaign. For more information, click on the Running for President book-cover image in the left sidebar of this blog.