Trump Keeps Ford Focus Jobs from Going to Mexico (They’ll go to China Instead)

Ford had planned to move production of its Focus to Mexico until Donald Trump stepped in to save the day during his presidential campaign. Candidate Trump criticized the decision to move production to Mexico, and Ford backed off. It cancelled plans to build a new plant in Mexico to produce the Focus, but it slyly did not promise to keep production in the United States.

Instead, Ford has announced that it will move Ford Focus production to China. The Chinese plant will then export part of its production to the United States. If the plant had moved to Mexico, the United States would have benefited, because Mexico buys most of its imports from us. The Chinese buy very little from the United States compared to what they sell to us.

Only two other western cars are manufactured in China and exported to the United States: the Buick Envision and the Volvo S60. Those cars were never manufactured anywhere other than in China. Ford’s decision, taken at Donald Trump’s prodding, will be the first one to move the production of an American automobile from a plant in the United States to China.

Perhaps Americans should think twice about buying Ford products. Perhaps they should also think twice about voting for anyone who supports Donald Trump.