Trump, Ignore the Uncouth Idiot

The press was outraged yesterday by Donald Trump’s insulting tweets about the hosts of the TV show Morning Joe. Why the outrage? This is typical Donald Trump behavior, and it is time we accepted it as normal behavior from a low-IQ, uncouth bully. Outrage ceases to have an effect when the behavior that provokes it occurs almost daily.

Donald Trump has repeatedly made his disdain for both women and intelligent people of ether gender evident. As long as an idiot continues to occupy the highest office in the United States, Donald Trump’s coarse remarks and tweets will occur almost daily. It is time to stop paying attention to this uncultured imbecile.

If you follow Donald Trump on twitter, it’s time to stop doing so, and that also goes for the members of the press. Bad behavior that occurs routinely is no longer news and deserves to be ignored.