Trump’s Tweets and United Airlines Have Much in Common

What do President Trump’s Twitter account and United Airlines have in common. Both make news several times a week by their stupidity. Trump makes news almost daily with his bizarre and idiotic tweets. United Airlines has been making the news several times a week due to its bizarre, idiotic, and cruel treatment of its passengers. Most people who follow the news arise many mornings shaking their heads at the latest outlandish Trump tweet or United’s callous treatment of the people who buy expensive tickets to fly in its planes.

Some of Donald Trump’s notable recent tweets include a statement that he and Vladamir Putin “discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded.” They will be guarded? In other words, election hacking will be protected? Even if we can’t understand for sure what President Trump was attempting to communicate in his semi-literate tweet, the idea that he and President Putin could do anything positive on cyber security is akin to having the fox and the weasel discuss methods of protecting the hen house.

We’ve all seen Donald Trump’s re-tweet of a short video supposedly showing his wresting to the ground and punching CNN. Is that a threat against the news media? Of course it is.

As to United Airlines, we’ve also all seen the video of law-enforcement officers dragging a United customer off a plane by his feet, bloodying his nose and possibly causing brain damage in the process. This morning I read how United destroyed the very expensive wheelchair of a disabled French visitor, and the FAA is investigating the incident where United flight attendants refused to allow a child to sit in his ticketed seat and forced his mother to hold him in her lap in violation of federal regulations.

I don’t know whether Donald Trump of United Airlines is the more dysfunctional of the two. However, we’re stuck with Donald Trump. There is no alternative president for us to choose. That is not the case with United Airlines, however. There are other airlines to fly, and I for one, am terminating my frequent-flier relationship with United just as soon as I use up my remaining frequent flier miles.

There is nothing we can do about Trump, but we do have the choice not to fly United. I do not understand why many people continue to support Donald J. Trump. I do not understand why many people continue to fly United.