Getting Ready for the Next Trip

Somehow the date of departure of my next trip has been sneaking up on me without my noticing it. I am scheduled to fly to Lisbon on August 2, and this time I plan to take a touring bicycle with panniers along.

I plan to ride the bike to the airport here in Phoenix, partially disassemble it there, place it in a clear plastic bag, and pay an exorbitant fee to check it in as over-sized luggage with United Airlines. When I arrive in Lisbon the following day, I will reassemble the bike at the airport and ride into town, if the weather is good, or take the bike on the subway if it is raining cats and dogs.

After spending a few days i Lisbon, I plan to take my bike on a train to Porto in the north of Portugal where I will spend a few nights before setting off on the bike for Santiago de Compostela, staying in pilgrims’ hostels along the route. It should be much faster to bicycle the Camino PortuguesI than it would be to walk it. From Santiago, I hope to cycle to Finesterre, the “End of the Earth” on the Atlantic Coast and then ride the Camino Frances in the reverse direction to see how far I can get before having to take a train to Madrid for my flight home.

It’s been many decades since I’ve ridden through Europe on a touring bicycle, so many things are new to me such as packing to minimize fees for checked luggage while making sure that everything in my carry-on luggage will pass the security checks. I’ll go through airport security three times on the return flight.

Well, I suppose I should get busy planning. Oh, and I will post daily to this blog once the trip is underway.