United Airlines Cremates Bunny Rabbit

You may remember that in April, Simon, who was expected to grow into the world’s largest rabbit, died while being transported from London to Chicago on a United Airlines flight. Simon’s dad, Darius, was found to be the world’s longest rabbit in 2010.

According to Simon’s breeder, Annette Edwards, Simon was examined by a veterinarian before leaving London and found to be in perfect health and ready to fly.  Incidentally, Ms Edwards herself is a former bunny, but she was of the Playboy type.

United claimed in April that Simon did not die in flight but rather in a holding facility after his arrival in Chicago. Now, we may never know the cause and location of Simon’s death, because United had his body cremated without the owner’s permission. Both the death and the unauthorized cremation are the subjects of lawsuits.

If you want to risk your health, safety, and dignity by flying United Airlines, you can make an informed choice. However, please do not trust the fate of a defenseless animal to United’s care. According to an article in USA Today, United Airlines was responsible for one-third of all animal deaths on US flights in the past five years.

Will I fly United? Yes, because I still have some air miles with United to use up. I will fly United to Portugal next week, and I will probably fly the airline once after that next year to use up my remaining miles. After that, it’s bye-bye United. In the meantime, please pray for me as I fly United.