Barajas, Spain, September 2, 2015

I spent last night in a hotel in Barajas and did little beside sit in the room and read. I thought I would walk to the airport this morning carrying my luggage, so I did a dry run yesterday afternoon and found it to be a boring walk on pedestrian bridges over freeways, through an airport parking garage, etc. So, I took a bus back from the airport, and I intend to ride the same bus line to the airport this morning after I upload this blog entry. If United Airlines doesn’t mess up my plans, as it does more than half the time, I will sleep in my own bed in Phoenix tonight.

Yesterday morning was spent getting ready to leave the hostel and traveling here to Barajas. I took three subway lines to get here, all on the same ticket, of course, and the journey took over an hour. Luckily, the Madrid subway trains are not nearly as crowded as those in Paris.

Barajas is a suburb of Madrid and is where the airport is located. Below is a picture I took yesterday from my hotel window on the fifth floor as Europeans count floors or the sixth floor as we count them on the west side of the Atlantic. The airport is located beyond the buildings and the flat-topped mountains in the background. I couldn’t see any part of the airport itself, but I could see the planes landing and then see the top of the planes on the runway until they disappear behind the buildings.

This is (I hope) my last blog entry from Spain until my next trip in January. I hope to write a summary entry tomorrow afternoon from Phoenix.. One piece of advice I will give to anyone who wants to travel to Europe, don’t fly here on United Airlines if you want to arrive  on the day your flight is scheduled to get you here. I still have some air miles with United to use up, so I will fly with United one more time in one direction only, and then I will do my utmost to use another airline for all future trips. In three of my last four trips to Europe, United has got me here one day late.